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26E AU Tower
United Arab Emirates

+971 (0)4 458 6508

Moloobhoy & Brown is an award-winning independent design and brand communication agency based in Dubai, UAE. We strive to deliver creative thinking that differentiates our client’s brands across all key touch points. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning


Hautletic. Where fitness meets couture. A sports fashion brand created by M&B. Delivering high performance, stylish sportswear to the fashion conscious. Scope: Brand Identity

 Hautletic Identity
 Hautletic Collateral
 Hautletic Clothing Label


Hautletic approached M&B to create a sports couture brand to launch into the Middle East. Delivering high performance, stylish sportswear to the fashion conscious. The brand needed to reflect the products carried and attract the clientele to match. 

Working out never looked so good. The brand is bold, striking and confident. The super pattern graphics created are based on movement from different forms of exercise. The final solution is a simple combination of form and function.

Scope of work: Brand / Manifesto / Identity / Collateral

 Hautletic Collateral
 Hautletic Graphic Pattern
 Hautletic Monogram H
 Hautletic Flyer
 Hautletic Business Card

Brand manifesto:

What if you can have everything you want. Comfort and style, form and function, elegance and strength, fashion and fitness. Because there are some things that should never be given to compromise. Your confidence, your constitution, your character.

Hautletic. Where fitness meets couture.

 Hautletic Bill Folder and Member Card
 Hautletic #yellowdufflebag